push-ups every day

What happens if you do push-ups every day?

push-ups every day? Push-up is one of the most effective exercises for building muscles. Many people set themselves challenges: they do 100 push-ups a day for 30 days and achieve great results. And what happens if you do push-ups every day? Will it help you to gain muscles?

push-ups every day

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Significant improvements of push-ups every day.

The first point is the development of target muscle groups. First of all, chest muscles. The internet is full of stories of how people achieve significant improvements in the way their pectoral muscles look just in thirty days. In addition, their deltoids, triceps, and biceps also improved. It seems a little paradoxical because the triceps and biceps are antagonists.

If the triceps works, how can the biceps work together with it? The triceps is responsible for the extension of the arm at the elbow – the same effort that we make during push-ups. The biceps, which usually flex the arm at the elbow, in this exercise has another function.

The task of the biceps in push-ups is to bring the shoulder to the corpus. Yes, a push-up is a multi-joint basic exercise that pumps half of the upper body.

Increase endurance.

push-ups every day

Increase endurance: Will increase, that is, you will be easier to endure other loads, you will have an improvement in the functioning of the respiratory system and cardiovascular systems. And in general, you will get a good increase of endorphins in your body, that is, you will feel more cheerful.

Expediency of push-ups every day.

Is it reasonable to do push-ups until you drop every day when a person does several approaches every day and does push-ups as much as possible, to fail?
Or if a person has set himself a challenge to do push-ups a hundred times a day, and before that he did push-ups very rarely,

So he has to do ten or even more approaches to fulfill this standard, is it ok or not? It s wrong to do push-ups every day to fail until you drop because it can lead to overtraining. This will significantly increase the release of catabolic hormones, and the muscles won’t have enough time to fully recover. Push-up is a relatively intense exercise.

It can quickly go into an anaerobic mode, and being in an anaerobic mode for too long for the same muscle group is an overload. I recommend you to push up no more than eighty percent of what you can, and then you can do it every day. This will tone your muscles and your cardiovascular system very well. In this case, we consider daily push-ups more as a part of a morning workout, and there is a huge number of advantages.

If you do this every day, your arms, shoulders, and chest will be significantly more muscular, tighter, stronger, and more resilient than the average person of your age. It will also be great for your blood circulation, heart, and breathing. And this, ultimately, is your health and longevity.

How to do push-ups every day correctly?

push-ups every day

Firstly, you must be mindful of the position of your pelvis, you must feel your body. The body should be flat, like a straight line. Your buttocks and head shouldn’t protrude. The next point is the ninety-degree rule: when you lower, your arms should be at the angle of ninety degrees in relation to your body, and when you rise, you should extend your arms almost to the end.

You should keep your head straight and stare at the floor and concentrate. And there are various variations of push-ups: you can do push-ups on your palms, or you can do them on your fists. If you want to increase the intensity, then you can put your feet on some kind of elevation, and this will make your push-ups more difficult.

Worth mentioning point of push-ups every day.

People who have tried push-ups a hundred times every day say that it s not difficult to do push-ups a hundred times. But it s really hard to do push-ups a hundred times EVERY DAY. That is a psychological moment.

If you set yourself a challenge to do push-ups a hundred times every day, then it s better to divide this amount into several small sets. For example, five sets of twenty reps. You shouldn’t do failure sets every day.

If it’s hard for you to do 100 push-ups a day, start with at least twenty push-ups a day, divided into several sets. I know that the Internet is full of videos where people do push-ups a hundred times a day for 30 days and then show impressive results. But you will achieve great results and maintain your health better if you don’t overstrain. So, is it worth doing push-ups? Yes. Should you do push-ups wisely? Definitely yes.

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