push-ups every day

What happens if you do push-ups every day?

push-ups every day? Push-up is one of the most effective exercises for building muscles. Many people set themselves challenges: they do 100 push-ups a day for 30 days and achieve great results. And what happens if you do push-ups every day? Will it help you to gain muscles?

push-ups every day

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Significant improvements of push-ups every day.

The first point is the development of target muscle groups. First of all, chest muscles. The internet is full of stories of how people achieve significant improvements in the way their pectoral muscles look just in thirty days. In addition, their deltoids, triceps, and biceps also improved. It seems a little paradoxical because the triceps and biceps are antagonists.

If the triceps works, how can the biceps work together with it? The triceps is responsible for the extension of the arm at the elbow – the same effort that we make during push-ups. The biceps, which usually flex the arm at the elbow, in this exercise has another function.

The task of the biceps in push-ups is to bring the shoulder to the corpus. Yes, a push-up is a multi-joint basic exercise that pumps half of the upper body.

Increase endurance.

push-ups every day

Increase endurance: Will increase, that is, you will be easier to endure other loads, you will have an improvement in the functioning of the respiratory system and cardiovascular systems. And in general, you will get a good increase of endorphins in your body, that is, you will feel more cheerful.

Expediency of push-ups every day.

Is it reasonable to do push-ups until you drop every day when a person does several approaches every day and does push-ups as much as possible, to fail?
Or if a person has set himself a challenge to do push-ups a hundred times a day, and before that he did push-ups very rarely,

So he has to do ten or even more approaches to fulfill this standard, is it ok or not? It s wrong to do push-ups every day to fail until you drop because it can lead to overtraining. This will significantly increase the release of catabolic hormones, and the muscles won’t have enough time to fully recover. Push-up is a relatively intense exercise.

It can quickly go into an anaerobic mode, and being in an anaerobic mode for too long for the same muscle group is an overload. I recommend you to push up no more than eighty percent of what you can, and then you can do it every day. This will tone your muscles and your cardiovascular system very well. In this case, we consider daily push-ups more as a part of a morning workout, and there is a huge number of advantages.

If you do this every day, your arms, shoulders, and chest will be significantly more muscular, tighter, stronger, and more resilient than the average person of your age. It will also be great for your blood circulation, heart, and breathing. And this, ultimately, is your health and longevity.

How to do push-ups every day correctly?

push-ups every day

Firstly, you must be mindful of the position of your pelvis, you must feel your body. The body should be flat, like a straight line. Your buttocks and head shouldn’t protrude. The next point is the ninety-degree rule: when you lower, your arms should be at the angle of ninety degrees in relation to your body, and when you rise, you should extend your arms almost to the end.

You should keep your head straight and stare at the floor and concentrate. And there are various variations of push-ups: you can do push-ups on your palms, or you can do them on your fists. If you want to increase the intensity, then you can put your feet on some kind of elevation, and this will make your push-ups more difficult.

Worth mentioning point of push-ups every day.

People who have tried push-ups a hundred times every day say that it s not difficult to do push-ups a hundred times. But it s really hard to do push-ups a hundred times EVERY DAY. That is a psychological moment.

If you set yourself a challenge to do push-ups a hundred times every day, then it s better to divide this amount into several small sets. For example, five sets of twenty reps. You shouldn’t do failure sets every day.

If it’s hard for you to do 100 push-ups a day, start with at least twenty push-ups a day, divided into several sets. I know that the Internet is full of videos where people do push-ups a hundred times a day for 30 days and then show impressive results. But you will achieve great results and maintain your health better if you don’t overstrain. So, is it worth doing push-ups? Yes. Should you do push-ups wisely? Definitely yes.

benefits of swimming

Best 14 benefits of swimming

Benefits of swimming: Like any exercise swimming every day might just increase your longevity a long study found that swimming reduces a person’s chances of dying prematurely ultimately any type of physical activity is better than nothing experts suggest spending at least 150 minutes for moderate exercise or 70 minutes for vigorous exercise every week swimming can be moderate or vigorous depending on how fast you can swim and for how long in another study it was found that men who were lifelong swimmers were 50 percent less likely to die during the 32-year study period than walkers and runners were if that’s the case then imagine how sedentary men compare sometimes doing something simple can have an enormous impact on your health.

benefits of swimming

swimming is good for the body mind and soul it offers several amazing benefits, especially when done every day swimming is a cardio exercise but unlike running or biking it’s a total body workout working your head to tea and burning serious calories we already know how diet and exercise are crucial to living a long and healthy life but did you know exactly what happens to your body when you swim every day.

Table of Contents

1 All the muscles in your body are involved.

Benefits of swimming: So, when you swim, almost all the muscles in your body are involved. And it cannot be said about running, which uses about seventy percent of our muscles.

Everything works while swimming. And therefore, the first thing you will experience if you swim regularly is an improvement in the condition of all your muscles. Moreover, those smallest stabilizing muscles, which in ordinary life worked very weakly, are included in the work during swimming. And you can achieve their activation only by being in a horizontal state.

2 Posture.

You will notice is your posture improves. , especially with the correct technique, improves posture very well. Have you ever seen stooped swimmers?

Benefits of swimming I think, not. In the water, we operate in two directions. Firstly, Swimming develops the muscles that are responsible for the position of the shoulder blades and the protrusion of the chest, that is the stabilizing muscles. Secondly,

Swimming provides greater flexibility and stretching for the muscles of the chest and shoulders, and therefore it becomes much easier and more comfortable for us to maintain a straight posture in a natural position

3 Cardiovascular system.

Benefits of swimming in your cardiovascular system. For the health of the heart and blood vessels, swimming is best suited because you’re in a horizontal position.

When you’re in the horizontal position, it is much more comfortable and convenient for your heart to pump blood, there is no excessive harmful pressure inside it, and conditions are the most suitable.

4 Respiratory system.

Swimming is one of the best types of physical activity that heals your lungs and increases your vital capacity. The vital capacity of the lungs is the volume of air that you can inhale. And, of course, athletes have a higher vital capacity. If you have a large vital capacity, then your lungs are much better ventilated, and the body as a whole can receive more oxygen.

In the average adult, the vital capacity of the lungs is approximately three and a half thousand cubic centimeters. For athletes, this is about four and a half thousand to five thousand cubic centimeters. But if we take swimmers, then their vital capacity can reach six thousand and two hundred cubic centimeters!

5 Calorie consumption.

Of course, if you haven’t swum before and started swimming regularly, then you will strengthen the muscles of the whole body, and you will also burn the subcutaneous fat. Calorie consumption is highly dependent on technique and swimming speed. For comparison, if you take regular jogging, then you burn about five hundred kilocalories in an hour, potentially swimming can be both less intense than jogging, and more intense. It depends on your swimming style.

benefits of swimming Cardiovascular muscles

Benefits of swimming So, if you swim breaststroke, then you’ll burn from four hundred to eight hundred kilocalories per hour, depending on the speed. If you swim in a crawl stroke, then you’ll burn from five hundred to one thousand kilocalories per hour. If you swim in a back crawl stroke, then there are the same indicators. benefits of swimming And if you swim in a butterfly stroke, you’ll burn from six hundred to a thousand kilocalories per hour. But again, this is very speed dependent.

Also, swimming has a very great effect on your psycho-emotional state. It trains the nervous system and, by the way, also hardens, due to the fact that you plunge from a warm environment into the cool water, and then go back into a warm environment. Swimming is also great for the release of endorphins. That is why people enjoy swimming. Swimming has also been shown to be very stress relieving and, in general, people who go to the pool are usually in a good mood.

6 What muscles can we improve by each style?

The breaststroke will, firstly, improve the muscles of the chest and back, and secondly, the shoulders, forearms, and triceps. The classic crawl stroke will, first of all, improve the shoulders, triceps, and back muscles, and secondly, the hips and buttocks. A back crawl style, firstly, will improve the muscles of the back, and secondly, the shoulders, traps, and hips.

And the butterfly will immediately improve the shoulders, triceps, and muscles of the back, the muscles of abdomen, and the muscles of chest. And for many people, by the way, the butterfly technique is the most difficult, since the load is very high.

7 Leaner body

benefits of swimming Cardiovascular muscles

Can’t stand jogging under the scorching the heat of the sun try swimming in a pool or ocean it’s a the perfect alternative that lets you burn just as many calories while certain factors determine how many calories a person burns while swimming generally, a 150 pound individual can burn roughly 400 to 500 calories during an hour-long swim and with a vigorous one, you can burn up to 750 calories in an hour not bad right even 30 minutes a day will do for instance following that schedule for a month you would burn around 7 500 calories and swimming alone if you make it an hour of swimming a day that’s 15 000 calories burned in a month.

8 Reduce stress

These days the tiniest of things can cause our stress levels to spike up from work to responsibilities and other unexpected challenges it’s almost impossible to avoid stress thankfully

You can reduce stress by swimming requires tons of focus so it gets your mind off whatever has been weighing you aside from making you feel less stressed swimming can also reduce the release of stress hormones just like other forms of cardio

9 Mental health

swimming every day doesn’t just benefit you physically but also mentally in addition to reducing the release of stress hormones swimming also helps in the production of feel-good hormones cardio activities in general release endorphins act as the body’s natural painkillers while also helping ward off stress anxiety and depression ever heard of the runner’s high

It occurs when the body releases endorphins when you do something physically demanding moreover, it promotes mindfulness since your senses get rest then your entire attention is on one thing only and these alone can be calming.

10 Lower blood pressure

it’s crucial to ensure that your blood pressure levels are stabilized otherwise your body won’t receive the proper nutrients and oxygen it needs to function optimally unfortunately.

these days nearly half of the adult population has high blood pressure or hypertension but by incorporating swimming into your daily routine you can help lower your blood pressure in fact, swimming daily has been shown to lower blood pressure in hypertensive adults.

11 Better sleep

The benefit of swimming daily is that it helps you sleep better exercise and sleep have a strong link between them the evidence says that exercise indeed helps you fall asleep more quickly and boost sleep quality remember swimming encourages the body to release feel-good hormones while also reducing stress hormones and so with just 30 minutes of aerobic an exercise you can notice an improvement at bedtime, you’ll feel more satisfied and tired in the evenings allowing for a better and longer night’s sleep.

12 Good for asthma.

Benefits of swimming is excellent at improving lung capacity and efficiency studies have found that swimmers have more volume of air in their lungs compared to those who do not swim regularly this increase in lung volume leads to more efficient breathing and improved cardiovascular function.

This is why many doctors recommend swimming for children with asthma or other breathing-related issues although not a treatment for asthma this exercise can improve your lung fitness resulting in fewer flare-ups try swimming daily for a few months and you’ll likely notice the decreased frequency or severity of airway constriction on another note consult your doctor before committing to any exercise a program especially if you have lung problems.

13 Stabilized blood sugar

One of the best benefits of swimming blood sugar is an important aspect of a person’s health in essence, the blood sugar level is the amount of sugar found in your blood since many muscles are engaged when swimming in turn those muscles get better at absorbing sugar more quickly and efficiently from your bloodstream according to experts swimming can significantly affect your blood sugar by controlling it for days hitting the pool in other words, a diabetic who swims on Saturday can still see the blood sugar benefits on Monday this is great news for diabetics or pre-diabetic or even though struggling to keep their blood sugar stabilized.

14 Reduced back issues

Benefits of swimming more often than not cycling and running can substantially strain your back from running and feeling like carrying 5 to 10 times your weight every time you reach the pavement to cycling and leaning over the handlebars at an odd angle cardio exercises can be very stressful on the back if you love cardio and working out but have back problems then consider swimming instead thanks to the gift of water you can work your body just as hard minus all the pain and stress benefits of swimming.

Physically Strong

How To Become Physically strong?

Physically Strong: It is a big myth people compare physical fitness and quantify it with biceps six pack chest and gym understandable this is a very important part also but in the end, superficial level it is not important someone is appearing fit but not sure he or her fit inside also feeling fit or just showing fit if someone has good apes and body actually maybe they are suffering lots of pain in the back in the knee agreed it is important but it is not 100% if you are stable mentally stable functionally then considered be he or she is a fit.

Physically Strong

Table of Contents


Physically Strong

Normally we ignore safety keeping in mind it is very important to save yourself from any injuries and accident there are a lot of patients who were exercising and suddenly injury happen and the response is while exercising lift heavy weight pain started slowly and gradually increase and injuries occur it is the self responsibly and self-analysis we have to know what exercise we are doing is it damaging our mussels or body part. if you have an injury and you are doing that exercise in the wrong poster it can damage your body. Sometimes while exercising people unconscious, vomiting in some people die what is the benefit of exercising if you died even tennis elbow is very common once you get injuries so there is a big question mark in your future.


For recovery, for example, you exercise for five days so you have to give some time to your body for recovery and have to give some rest if you will not give recovery time you might be suffering an injury whatever level’s exercise you do whether you increase intensity defiantly you go for injuries when we exercise we tear our mussels so it needs time to recover give at least 2 days in a week research approved the ideal time for exercise 30 minutes to 1 hour in a day for five days in a week.


Physically Strong

Sustainably means how much time we maintain our workouts keep sustaining that also very important sustainably comes if you are enjoying if you are not enjoying your workout then defiantly you can not sustain it for a long period if you can not sustain the changes you want to come in your body that will not come you are interested to build your body or you are having motivation reading blogs and you start and you see some result also then your motivation decrease and after that, you stopped completely so naturally, you did not achieve your desire result.

Initially what happens when you exercise and build up your body then suddenly you stopped so your body’s reaction goes the negative way you try to change your body suddenly it goes opposite direction it can be worst than before.


Summery it doesn’t matter reduce your exercise but do daily if you don’t have time for workout skip your whole exercise of 1 hour convert it into 15 minutes doesn’t matter, but sustain when you sustain your work out your mode also go high level you stay energetic.


Physically Strong

Before strength starching is important because majorly we work in sitting as compared to standing and walking but our body is made for walking the problem occur from setting our body became stiff when sitting our knee joined in 90 degrees our knee joined rang 130 to 1350 degree we don’t use it we use 90 degrees but we don’t use 135 degrees rang with this low rang degree we go for exercise again we have to face an injury that is why flexibility is most important or starching means flexibility flexibility in important for flexibility need to starch our body before exercise or after exercise ideally.

There are two types of starching one is static another one is dynamic.

Static types active or passive. active means you are doing starching by your self and dynamic means another person is starching your body in static starching you hold a minimum of 30 seconds two to three times we have to use static starching in the cool-down phase means after the workout it relaxes our mussels duration at least 15 minutes.

dynamic starching: in dynamic starching, you don’t hold you do some movements before the workout we have to use dynamic starching in the warm-up phase it activates your mussels for mussels duration of at least 15 minutes.


Physically Strong

The most important factor is it reduces or removes pressure from you joined if your mussels strong whole your body weight absorbs mussel some many people are overweighed and a doctor prescribes their weight loss for that they have to do cardio or exercise, but they have lots of pain in there knee, back and shoulder loss your weight but strong your mussels also it reduce the burden from your joined than you will able to push your body for weight loss first strength training for at least two months then start using treadmill cycling best option swimming and static cycling.

What is physical Strength.

It is not important that you are capable to carry your regular weight if you don’t have enough strength and you try to carry weight so you are increasing the chance of injury that why strength is so important for you so will be able to carry sufficient weight able to do any activity in your normal routine.

strength training

Best exercise for strength training

Strength training: Regular physical activity can lower you risk of heart and circulatory disease by 40% when you are active the heat produced by your muscles increases your body temperature making you feel wormer and your heart start to beat faster pumping more blood to the muscles your are using your heart is also a muscles.

If you are active regularly it gets bigger and stronger your muscles are working harder so they need more oxygen you start to breathe faster so your blood can pick up more oxygen from your lungs your lungs.

Work harder to make this happen once tour blood has picked up oxygen it moves to the muscles you are using giving them the extra oxygen they need if you active regularly more capillaries grow in the muscles this is one reason why activity start to feel easier over time getting active is great for people with diabetes.

strength training

If you have type 2 diabetes you have too much glucose in your blood probably because you don’t have enough insulin physical activity helps you use the insulin you do have it also helps your cells use glucose regular physical activity can improve your memory and attention span over time the bit of the brain involved in memory and learning seems to get bigger.

Long tram physical activity leads to a lower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure this helps cut your risk of heart and circulatory disease and there is more reason to smile when you are active your brain produces chemicals called endorphins which reduce the feeling of pain and make you feel more positive getting active cuts down on stress hormones reducing anxiety combine activity with a balanced diet and you will help yourself reach and maintain a healthy weight aim for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week try to be active every day every 10 minutes count

Some Exercise for developing strength.

strength training

The squat is just a simple exercise where we put a bar on our back and we squat down on the middle of our foot below parallel with our hip crease just below the top of our knee and use the hip drive to come back up the entire body is loaded and here’s the thing it’s a simple exercise but it’s the hardest exercise that’s why most people don’t want to squat you walk into a gym on any day of the week but especially Monday and all the bros are doing bench press rarely will you walk in on Monday and see a bunch of people squatting it’s because it’s so hard the body responds to squats in a the way that it won’t respond to any other lift both muscularly and hormonal.

deadlift is just the simple act of picking a heavy loaded barbell up off the floor we do it with perfect form with a flat and guess what happens when we do that our backs get stronger when our backs get stronger.

They become less vulnerable to injury not more vulnerable to injury we don’t have to be worried about picking weight up with our backs the press or what most people call a military press where we take the barbell out of the rack and just press it overhead is an incredible exercise for upper body utilizing.

The shoulders the rear delfts the rhomboids and the traps and loading the entire body from the barbell at the top of our head down through the bottom of our feet and the bench-press allows us to move the most weight possible in an upper body lift so we love that lift too so even the exercise that the bros do

Monday is perfectly fine to get strong we just want to make sure that we also press and squat and deadlift as well as those four exercise will get you stronger than anything you thought possible and for the life of your lifting career should makeup 90% of everything you do in the gym.


How to stay Fit.

How to stay Fit: There is no guarantee that any diet plan will lose weight 10 kg or 15 kg in 15 days unreal because everyone’s body position is different metabolism, and medical history is different how the diet plan may remain the same it is not practically possible it reduce your calories requirement 2000 calories to 600 or 700 calories it dangerous for you, for example, you are working somewhere crossing road may suffer dizziness and you fall very dangerous you might have died if it is not right diet then.

Table of Contents

What is the right diet?

It is better to consult a nutrients experts people are blindly following diet plans without going into the depth of it and what are the harmful effects and side effects as I said everybody is different and needs to follow the diet according to our blood groups to lose weight healthily while reducing weight increasing immunity level energy level improving stomach issues and sleep this we call healthily losing weight we have to lose fat but not mussel mass is very important there is a common saying Hippocrates father of medicine he said the food should be a medicine and medicine should be a food it means eat that food which is healthy for our wellbeing balanced diet is very important protean intake carbohydrate fruits vegetable fiber micronutrients everything should be is a meal.

Major three meal plan that works very well means breakfast, lunch, and dinner give some time per meal to chew properly not gulping inside chewing digest well and improves the body’s metabolism and there would be satiety foe a longer period so chew your food 35 times and give 45 to 50 minutes to your meal.

  • Breakfast (8 AM to 9 AM )
  • Lunch (1PM to 2 PM)
  • Dinner (8.30 PM to 9.30 PM)

Simple carbohydrate and complex carbohydrate.

Simple carbohydrate increase insulin level and sugar level very steeply rise and rapidly comes down in this case your stomach would be empty early and you feel hungry.

  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Breads
  • fast foods
  • Soft drinks

A complex carbohydrate is the opposite of a simple carbohydrate it some time to digest and increases satiety and you will not feel hungry early stomach would be full it helps to maintain a 4 to 5 hours gape easily fiber fruits, vegetable salad, potatoes sweet potatoes.

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Salad
  • Potatoes
  • Brown rice
  • Barley
  • Rai
  • Sweet potatoes

Portion size.

When we are talking a complete meal means three meals breakfast lunch and dinner breakfast should be like a king means having your breakfast complete and properly cooperatively dinner should be less portion size is a very important protean need for satiety.

Oli and fat.

How to stay Fit

Some people remove oil and fat from their meals and diet less protean and fat zero it is very imbalance major cause of your body weaknesses when you remove fat from your body oils are very important real oil, desi oil lubricant for out body joined pain arthritis they very good fats cooking coconuts oil mustered oil is the best.

Water intake.

How to stay Fit

This is very important it is a thumb rule 35 ml of water per kg of body weight is very important to suppose 60 to 70 kg weight need at least 2.5 to 3 litter if water intake is not good toxins waste material will not removed if it occurs weight loss would not in a healthy way it would be in an unhealthy manner and your skin would lose no any starch in your body mussel decreasing and fat would be increasing.

So drink water as much as you can otherwise it may cases of dehydration, constipation metabolism, and skin loss if water intake is not good even if you are following a very streak diet weight would not lose 70% of the human body is made up the water.

Best 15 minutes cardio

Best 15 minutes of cardio

Best 15 minutes of cardio is important because when someone doing exercises constantly without any rest or break body gets pump rapidly and will get succeed to burn targeted calories this blog will suggest what to do in 15 minutes of cardio how to manage fifteen minutes and get a lot of benefits while executing our time if you belong from the busiest people you do not have any much time to do exercise you want to look fit and healthy in a short period and less struggle you are on the right place.

Table of Contents


best 15 minutes of cardio

Warm-up is very important of best 15 minutes of cardio because when someone starts doing exercise after a 20 to 24-hour break body gets cool for that you will do some particular exercise to worm your body it increase blood flow 30% pump our mescals less risk of injuries starch body one point five minutes for push-up 20 to 25 repetition increase it by the time so you will get early worm-up.

one point five minutes for pull-up it is hard to say 20 or 25 hit pull-up as much as can gradually increase you will able to hit 30 to 35 in one point five minutes.

Running and jogging

best 15 minutes of cardio

Running and jogging both are the basic pillar best 15 minutes of cardio and very important factor increase stamina ability it worm up human body and bring sweating and burn high calcitriol.

Run at least three minutes constantly with high speed bring sweating increase you speed day by day when your stamina increase your speed you can run constantly with high time limit and speed.

run on the running machine if you don’t have any running machine you can run on any local park, ground, foot path while managing your time.

The squat

best 15 minutes of cardio

Squat is the most popular exercise in best 15 minutes of cardio then main focus of this exercise is stomach and Thai your knee it make you flexible and strong it works on six pack and cuts on your body.

It is one of the simple and home exercise start with one minutes one set you have to perform at least three set without any rest and break gradually you will get hold and full control on it and able to hit three minutes one set but star with at least one minutes one set.

Hip bridges.

best 15 minutes of cardio

one of the greatest exercise of best 15 minutes of cardio focus of hip bridges muscles of the butt and lower back.

On a mat, lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. by driving through your heels and tightening your glutes, you can raise your hips off the floor. after a brief period of holding the posture, carefully return your hips to the beginning position.

Start with the 10 to 15 repetition 3 sets per set one minute desirable sets 20 to 25 increase stamina gradually able to do 25 per set in one minute.


The full-body movement known as the burpee may be included into a fitness plan. They entail beginning in a standing posture, squatting, and placing your hands on the floor. You then push yourself into a plank posture from this posture, hop your feet back into place, and stand up, completing with a jump. Burpees can enhance strength, endurance, and coordination and are frequently utilized as an aerobic workout.